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★★★★ “Making Productions presents an evening of thought-provoking entertainment.” Islington Gazette ★★★★★ “One of theatre’s comedy events of the year - this is one disaster that the West End sorely needs” Musical Theatre Review on Disaster! ★★★★★ “A gloriously funny comedy. I can’t wait for (Another) Disaster! to hit the West End” Stage Review on Disaster! ★★★★ "It feels timely, uncomfortable, and riveting: a worthy revival... Che Walker’s production is often breath-holdingly tense” - Theatre Cat on Doubt ★★★★ "Triumphant revival" The Times on The Father ★★★★ "This strong production, directed by Ché Walker, strips the play back to its basics & is riveting" - The Times on Doubt ★★★★★ “excellent, with all the passion and sensitivity expected of this timeless score” British Theatre on La Boheme ★★★★ "A collection of moving pieces that stir the imagination: magnetic, heart-wrenching" The Upcoming on Shutters ★★★★ "An electric clash of the titans" The Stage on The Father ★★★★ “worthy of a place in your memory” The Independent on Old Fools ★★★★ “A brilliantly entertaining send up of disaster movies.” Everything Theatre on Disaster ★★★★ “An extraordinary set of plays” - Remote Goat on Outlaws to In-laws ★★★★★ “One of my favourite experiences of the year and I laughed til tears!” Theatre Bubble on Disaster ★★★★ “Old Fools is brilliant devastating theatre, marking Bernays out as an outstanding talent amongst his generation.” Jonathan Baz on Old Fools ★★★★ “A powerful, important look at queer history” - Broadway World on Outlaws to In-laws ★★★★ “tender, warm and funny” Gay Times on Strangers In Between ★★★★ "A breathlessly tense production. A timely revival, tautly directed. Recommended." The Independent on Doubt ★★★★ “Outlaws to In-laws is a pure delight. A truly magical theatrical experience. Theatre like this is to be treasured and celebrated.” Boyz Magazine on Outlaws to In-laws ★★★★★ “energising, gallant and joyful – a production which will ruminate with audiences for a long time” West End Wilma on Strangers In Between ★★★★ "Deft, restraining and moving theatre." Time Out on Old Fools