Happy Camper

When Seth and Leon’s relationship hits a breaking point, Seth suggests they embark on a trip to the rugged wilderness of the Scottish Isles to reconnect and rediscover what brought them together in the first place. However, their idyllic camping trip takes a deadly turn when they find themselves being stalked and hunted by a ruthless serial killer. With no one but each other to rely on, Seth and Leon must navigate the unforgiving terrain and fight for survival as they struggle to salvage their crumbling relationship in the face of unimaginable danger.

The Story

Unhappy in his relationship, Seth is lost and lonely and feels his boyfriend, Leon, doesn’t want to connect with him anymore. Not wanting to put up with Leon’s lack of interest in saving their relationship, Seth gives him an ultimatum – invest in us or I leave. When Leon asks what Seth has in mind he is presented with a camping trip – just the two of them – in the wilderness. Just them and a tent in nature. No phones.  No outside influences. What could possibly go wrong.

As they set up camp in the rugged wilderness of the Scottish Isles, they marvel at the beauty of their surroundings. The sun sets behind the mountains, casting an orange glow over the trees, and the sound of a nearby river lulls them to sleep. But their idyllic getaway is interrupted when a knife cuts through the tent lining and into Leon’s back.

They’re forced to remain in the tent, not knowing who’s outside. What started as a romantic time away turns into a nightmare game of deadly cat and mouse. When Leon becomes weak, Seth must leave him to get help. He treks through the wilderness, navigating rocky terrain and dense undergrowth until he stumbles upon two hikers who offer to help. But when he’s up a tree trying to get reception from a borrowed phone, he watches helpless as the hikers are brutally slayed. When it appears all is lost for Seth, Leon appears and smashes a rock over the killers head. Out cold, they make their escape fleeing deeper into the woods, hoping to find a way out and safety.

They come across a cottage with Gail and her dog Rufus, they think they’re safe, but the killer comes and torments them once again. The police arrive, but the killer has escaped and is at large. Leon is rushed to the hospital, and Seth is relieved when he pulls through. They realise the trip brought them closer than ever before, and Leon proposes. But the killer is shown watching them from a distance, leaving the audience unsure if he will finish what he started.

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