Award-winning environmental campaigner Gaia is about to see her reputation go up in smoke as her SUV-loving boss takes on a new fossil fuel burning client. She finds herself on a surreal trip, meeting a host of strange, and yet familiar, characters who try to help her do the right thing. Can she find the courage to speak out before it’s too late, or will Imposter Syndrome defeat her?

The Story

In the heart of a bustling PR agency’s sunlit open-plan office, a flurry of casually dressed individuals hurry about, amidst a backdrop adorned with awards, accolades, and eco-centric campaign posters. Gaia Pankhurst, a trailblazing marketer, stands as the centre of this green-themed universe, celebrated for her impactful campaigns like “Love Your Green Self” and “A Million Tiny Rebellions.” Amidst this creative buzz, Gaia’s desire to convey climate-focused stories through humour becomes evident, as each award-winning slogan is intertwined with vivid imagery that reflects her unique approach to environmental awareness.

As the sunlit scene unfolds, Gaia gazes out towards the garden terrace, interrupted by Sophie, the vibrant office assistant. Gaia reunites with her eclectic team, including the brilliant Trisha and tech-savvy Frank. However, their camaraderie is tested when Frances, embodying a materialistic lifestyle, arrives with news of a significant account – Carbonix, a corporate giant with questionable environmental practices. A tense dilemma emerges as Frances unveils the account’s importance in sustaining the London office, causing Gaia’s principles to collide with economic reality.

Frances’ announcement fuels tension within the team, yet Sophie’s efforts to bridge the divide are evident through her plant-based creations and a vegan mushroom quiche, symbolic of her dedication to sustainability. Amidst conflicted emotions, Gaia contemplates her commitment to authenticity, leading her to an unconventional encounter with a ladybird that imparts an unexpected message.

In an unexpected twist, Gaia’s decision to consume the mushroom-infused quiche triggers a surreal sequence. Her encounter with Trisha takes a fantastical turn, as Trisha transforms into a silvery presence, urging Gaia to escape impending danger. Frances follows suit, metamorphosing into a vampish figure who taunts Gaia’s ideals. A battle of ideologies ensues, culminating in the manifestation of Gaia’s Imposter Syndrome.

With the appearance of Frank, a majestic tiger, and his powerful words of encouragement, Gaia transcends her self-doubt, casting aside materialistic illusions. Gaia’s triumph over her inner demons marks a turning point, empowering her to challenge Frances and assert her commitment to making a meaningful difference. As Gaia, Trisha, and Frank stride forward, emboldened by newfound purpose, the resounding applause of Sophie underscores the transformative journey that sets Gaia and her team on an inspiring path towards an empowered, greener future.

The script has just been awarded an “Honourable Mention” status at the Finish Line Script Competition.

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