Blueberry Smoothie

Haunted by love, Karl drinks Brad’s favourite smoothie, torn between clinging to memories or embracing healing.

The Story

After a heart-wrenching breakup, Karl clings to memories of his passionate relationship with Brad. Vivid dreams of their happiest moments haunt him, leaving him feeling empty and alone. In a desperate attempt to hold onto the past, Karl consumes Brad’s beloved blueberry smoothie daily, hoping it will keep their connection alive. However, this obsession takes a toll, blinding him to the damage he inflicts on himself and others. As his behaviour grows increasingly erratic and dangerous, Karl must confront reality and make a crucial choice: dwell in the past’s comfort or embrace an uncertain future, to heal and find himself once more.

This short film explores the loss of a relationship and acceptance of that loss and how grief when not dealt with can ruin lives.


Blueberry Smoothie had its World Premiere at the London Independent Film Festival 2023.

Awarded the New York Screenwriting Award 2023 for Best Short Screenplay LGBTQIA Winner. 

Winner Best PerformancesLGBTQ+ Toronto Film Festival 2023. The film has won awards for Best LGBTQIA Short Film at Indo French International Film Festival, Deccan International Cine Carnival, Golden Lion International Film Festival (GLIFF) and Independent Shorts Awards in LA.

Semi-finalist at San Francisco Art House Shorts Festival and Paris International Short Festival 2023 

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