We run workshops!

These workshops have been developed to help students and graduates alike to get work in their chosen creative industry. The workshops can be completed as one-offs or, for greater impact, completed together as an holistic programme. Each workshop listed here can be adapted specifically to your needs.  We can also develop bespoke workshops which can be used to complement your existing study base.

Building a toolkit to get into the interview room

What does having a toolkit look like?
How do you identify your strengths?
Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time?

It’s important to remember that in any creative industry, you and your talent are the products you’re selling. Be kind to yourself. And don’t try to be someone you’re not. Whatever is unique about you, is why people want to book you for a job.

This workshop explores everything you need in order to get into the interview room.

★★★★★ I thought I knew it all. Obviously not. Useful doesn't even touch the sides. So pleased I booked this course.
Trisha Low - Actress

Graduate Showcase - hitting agents

What do agents actually do? How do you find the right one? How do you find work without representation?

This workshop will help get any acting graduate the agent they want representing them - within reason!

★★★★★ What a wonderful insight into finding representation. I was desperate to find 'any' agent until I did this course and channelled my energy in finding the 'right' one. Perfect workshop for any soon to be grad. Book it today.
David Collins - Designer

Win work with your online presence

What’s the point of being on social media if it doesn’t help you land a job? How do you make better use of your online presence?

This workshop helps you be seen with your socials.

This is a splinter workshop which can be formed as part of the Building a Toolkit workshop or stand alone which focusses on how you are seen by those outside your close network.

★★★★★ Really informative and useful class. Highly recommended.
Bradley Dickinson

Characterisation Study – Finding your character

Finding unique personal forms of vocal and physical expression to unlock a role can be challenging. Feel the exhilaration of creating a character in which you can find yourself.

The workshop will guide you through the process of building a character physically and emotionally, developing and creating unique characters.

★★★★★ Character development is incredibly important when establishing a role. What do you go on? My students had a great time on this course. Highly recommend.
Natalie Maher - Drama teacher

How not to self-tape

Self-taping has turned into its own art form. How do you ensure a good tape every time?
This workshop explores the do’s and don’ts of a successful audition tape.

The Audition

Why are you auditioning? What do you want? What do they want? How do you understand if there's a match?

What happens when you leave?
Nothing, unless you make it happen.

This workshop helps connect you with the people in the audition room and prepare you for the unexpected.

Useful insight for panel auditions when auditioning potential students for drama schools.

★★★★★ these do's and don't's were obvious once presented to me. Very pleased I booked Darren to help with my students audition technique.
Natalie Maher - Drama teacher

Working the room

To get that job, you need to be an effective networker. That means “working the room” in any given situation – press nights, industry parties, your favourite bar in Soho!

This workshop will help you create a professional persona and take that persona out on duty to win work.

★★★★★ Very useful, suitably practical.
Michelle Darkin Price - Actress

★★★★★ A great session. Truly valuable insights, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned networker. Darren really made the session come alive. I'm not shy at introducing myself but felt much more focussed on how to create opportunities to meet and get the best from meeting industry colleagues.
Nick Cox - film maker

How to get your script read - from idea to delivery

How do I get to 1st draft with just an idea? What happens once my script is complete? This is a structured workshop that will help any budding scriptwriter both hobbyist and professional to get their script read - from idea to 1st draft.

★★★★★ This action packed 2 hour session certainly got full engagement from our mentees. Some new to writing scripts others a little more advanced all seemed to enjoy learning about Darren's expertise in the industry. Will certainly be booking again.
Isabel - CNM