Opera Undone: Tosca + La bohème

The Olivier Award nominated producers of 2017’s ★★★★★ smash hit La bohème present a brand new Puccini double-bill Opera Undone: Tosca & La bohème. Radically distilled to sixty minutes each and sung in English, this revolutionary new production tears up the opera rule book for a whole new generation.

Tosca is an electrifying tale of love, lies and abuse set in 1940’s New York. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, an all-powerful mafia boss with media connections preys on a singer, seeking to manipulate and distort her relationship with an up-and-coming cartoon animator for his own nefarious and troubling purposes.

La bohème is a thoroughly modern look at relationships, addiction and co-dependency in London’s hip and happening Peckham. On-off couple Marcus and Melissa navigate the emotional complexities of a polyamorous relationship, whilst flatmate Rod’s gratification on Grindr is disrupted when he meets the beautiful and enigmatic Luca. 

Experience these two enthralling pieces as they’ve never been told before, accompanied by some of the world’s most famous music, in an evening suitable for newcomers and diehard fans alike. The future of opera starts here.

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