It’s Gaia’s birthday but there’s more than party frocks and prosecco on her mind.  In her quest to make a difference in the world, Gaia must confront the challenges of resistance and opposition from those who do not share her vision for a better future.

The Story

At the beginning of the short film we find Gaia conflicted between her comfortable office life and colleagues who love her … and the need to escape somewhere new in order to soothe her increasing anxiety and restlessness about the climate crisis. Lockdown gave her the opportunity to research the rapidly degrading environment and to establish her own more sustainable lifestyle. So far so good – until it comes to influencing those around her. While some of her colleagues are fully onboard with the cause and doing their best (to a point …), she is growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of care for the environment taken by her ruthless and ambitious boss, Frances. “The world is on fire and you’re not even using a keep cup. When are you going to wake up?!“ Things are heating up in the office as we join Gaia on her birthday. In the past Frances has always coaxed Gaia into an evening of bubbles, one night stands and hangovers. This year Gaia is determined to do things differently. But will she make her escape to enjoy her birthday her way, and perhaps lay the foundations for a new life all together? Or will Frances stand in her way? Through a mix of corporate world realism and surrealist fantasy, this dark comedy tells the story of a woman being suffocated by capitalist apathy.”

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