Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie gets its World Premier at the London Independent Film Festival 2023.

Awarded the New York Screenwriting Award 2023 for Best Short Screenplay LGBTQIA Winner.

Karl can’t resist living in the past.  Choosing to remain in the fantasy world he’s created with his ex, Brad, which if not dealt with could lead to dire consequences. Only when he is truly honest with himself will his past be able to be left in the past.

Karl wakes from yet another dream about his ex, Brad.  When making Brad’s favourite blueberry smoothie he is confronted by the past when Brad appears and challenges Karl over the failure for Karl to move on.  Memories, both good and bad, bombard Karl’s mind taunting him and making him continue to long and fantasise over what he had with Brad.  It is clear that Brad’s fantasy world and the real world are merging, which if not dealt with could lead to dire consequences.  Only when Karl is truly honest with himself will he be able to leave the past alone and enjoy living life post Brad.  But will this be the last time he invites Brad in and finally pluck up the courage to say goodbye or will today be like every other day where Karl finds himself lost and alone dwelling on the past.

This short film explores the loss of a relationship and acceptance of that loss and how grief when not dealt with can ruin lives.”

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