Hamilton (Lewis)

It’s 1995 and a young go karting driver has just started to make his way on the track. He is young, scrappy and he is not throwing away his opportunity. When he grows up he wants to win the F1 World Championships. His background has nothing going for him: he’s growing up on a council estate in Stevenage – hardly known as the F1 generator of the world. In a sport that is dominated by the rich, how can a boy from Stevenage hope to make it?

1995-2007 pass and success follows success as Lewis rises up through the ranks until finally he meets Big Ron, the daddy of McLaren. His debut comes on the F1 circuit and, billed behind the current World Champion Alonso, the right hand man on Big Ron makes his debut and finishes a shocking 3rd – making the podium at his first ever F1 race.

One year passes and we are introduced to the allies and enemies of the circuit: Alonso, Rosberg, Raikkonen, Button. Assuming the audience are potential more musical pros than F1 pros, we’re guided through the dos and don’ts of F1 and by the end of 2008, Hamilton becomes F1 World Champion.

Dreams complete or perhaps not? Off the circuit a beautiful woman comes in to his life: Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls. Finally it seems Lewis has everything – the love of his cars, the love of a beautiful woman and the F1 trophy.

But by 2013 it’s all going wrong: Hamilton seems to have lost his magic behind the wheel and failure follows failure and Hamilton finds himself at the end of his 5th season not on the podium. Hamilton takes the major decision to leave his one true love: McLaren. Queue Big Ron of McLaren pining for his one true love: Hamilton.

Clutching his Mercedes wheel, suddenly Hamilton is rocketed through the podium: success starts to come calling and it feels like he’s got everything to play for. He also makes the decision to commit to his one true love: no not his girlfriend of 7 years Scherzinger, but his beloved F1 cars.

And so victory follows victory and Hamilton goes on to raise the World Cup in 2014 and 2015. Rosberg fights back in 2016 and in spite of Hamilton’s insistence that he won’t throw away his shot, his world turns upside down and he loses the title.

In 2017 he comes back fighting and after a ferocious assault on the cup, he lifts the trophy heralding him the most successful British driver in the history of the sport.

Stevenage council estate to F1 record breaker. Hamilton (Lewis) is the unlikely story of one grandson of an immigrant who finds incredible success. He rises up through the ranks, refuses to throw away his shot and blows us all away.

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