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Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie hits the film festival circuit with a bang!

Blueberry Smoothie, the debut short film by Darren Lee Murphy and produced by Making Productions has hit the film festival circuit with a bang with the script being awarded the New York Screenwriting Award 2023 for Best Short Screenplay LGBTQIA Winner and the film awarded Winner Best Performance – LGBTQ+ Toronto Film Festival 2023.  The film had its world premiere at the London Independent Film Festival, 2023.

Blueberry Smoothie serves as a tale of self-acceptance, resonating with those who struggle to let go of a loved one. It portrays the inner turmoil we endure, constantly wrestling with what we believe is necessary to navigate each day, until the epiphany strikes — we never needed anything at all. Rather than a blueberry smoothie, closure becomes the key to liberation and growth.

Darren on winning the New York Scriptwriting Award: “[Award] brought me immense joy and validation. Blueberry Smoothie marks my debut as a short filmmaker, and for a long time, I doubted my abilities to see my work come to life. Initially, I didn’t intend to direct the film myself. However, when my original director withdrew due to a more prominent and lucrative opportunity I took the leap and decided to helm the project. Embodying the role of Karl, which is deeply rooted in my own personal story, wasn’t initially planned either. Given the intimate nature of the film, I felt compelled to portray Karl myself. This choice led me to emerge from a nine-year hiatus in acting. Directing oneself in a film presents unique challenges, and I don’t foresee rushing into it again anytime soon.”

Offering solace to those struggling with loss, Blueberry Smoothie extends a supportive hand, acknowledging the challenges one faces in reconciling with the past and finding inner peace. Darren goes on to say, “personally, I have navigated the challenging process of moving forward from a painful past, and it’s a place I strive to never revisit. Creating Blueberry Smoothie as a personal endeavour allowed me to come to terms with the sense of loss that accompanies failed relationships. As you watch this film, I hope it provides solace and alleviates the haunting presence of past relationships, just as it has for me.”

The film explores the loss of a relationship and acceptance of that loss and how grief when not dealt with can ruin lives. When we see Karl struggling to let go of his past relationship with his ex Brad, despite their official break-up, leading him on a path of self-discovery and acceptance.