Education & Workshops

Making Productions has created workshop programmes designed to suit people whatever their age, ability or level of experience. The workshops can be for individuals or groups, whether it be a school or drama facility.

Education Packs

 The Father (PDF, 8.2 MB)


MP have devised and can teach the following course material:

Acting / Industry Coaching

We have devised and can teach the following course material:

  • 1:1 and small group facilitation in developing:
    • Monologues, duologues and small group scenes
    • Stage craft
    • Text interpretation
    • Characterisation
    • Vocal and Physical skill variation
    • Devising and improvisation
  • Audition technique and preparation
  • Casting
    • Effective headshots
    • Interview techniques
    • Casting etiquette
    • Follow up post auditions
  • Promotion
    • Agents
    • Casting agents
    • Showreels
    • Website and social media management

Executive coaching and presentation skills

  • Communication techniques
  • Assertiveness training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Elocution & pronunciation training
  • 1:1 Business English training
  • Effective interview training
  • Management presentation techniques
  • Motivational techniques


Feminism & 50 Shades of Grey
How far have women’s rights come since the 1880s (when Strindberg was writing) and the 1920s (when this new version of The Father is set)? Where does feminism stand in the age of Fifty Shades of Grey and Page 3/No More Page 3? What do theatre and the arts have to contribute to the debate?

Parenting Rights: Does Mummy or Daddy know best?
In The Father, the only way that the mother is able to take control of her life, her family’s fortune and her daughter’s future is by driving her abusive husband to mental breakdown. Has family law now swung too far in the other direction? What about fathers’ rights? Is truly equal parenting ever possible?

Women in the Arts: What’s being done about gender inequality?
Is enough being done about gender inequality in theatre and the arts? On this year’s Stage 100 list, women only accounted for 26% of ‘influencers’ identified. This caused a flurry of discussion about whether there should be a separate list for women and prompted Stage editor Alistair Smith to write a response, explaining that the list represents how things are currently in the industry not how they should be…

Making Productions run half day or full day workshops. in many areas of live performance.

To find out more information or to book a workshop at your school or drama facility, please email: